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Because a shelter is not complete without equipment to run it and products to stock it, Beehive Shelters has partnered with Utah Shelter Systems and the Seven Store to provide our clients with an entire Preparedness Plan to enable us to not only build your shelter, but also to provide you with the necessary equipment to safely run your shelter and/or fully stock it in preparation for disaster.

Utah Shelter Systems

utah_shelter_systemsairfilterUtah Shelter Systems is the only North American distributor of Andair products. Andair is the foremost outfitter of emergency preparedness equipment. They provide equipment for all mechanical needs, from ventilation to blast doors. Swiss engineering has made Andair a must in the shelter industry.

The Seven Store

7store-logoepc-logoThe Seven Store (brought to you by Emergency Preparedness Center) provides emergency preparation equipment for all needs. Beehive Shelters come with different package options to ensure that all of your needs are met. Be sure to ask the Beehive Shelter team about all the emergency amenities that you might need for your shelter.

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