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Due to the unique nature of some clients, sites or security situations, a BUNKER will require very specific design solutions.  Because of this demand BEEHIVE SHELTER SYSTEMS has become a GLOBAL leader in innovative custom BUNKER design and construction management.
Privately owned custom BUNKER (midwest United States)

Privately owned custom BUNKER (midwest United States)

Across the globe more individuals, agencies and groups are placing their trust in our experience and expertise to create a custom BUNKER solution to match their needs.   Trust is the keystone to the service we provide.  There can be no higher endorsement than a client who places their life, and the lives of their loved ones, in our care.

  • EXPERIENCE: Experience is mission critical to the success of any BUNKER project.
  • INNOVATION: Innovation becomes the hallmark of good BUNKER design and detailed solutions.
  • MANAGEMENT: Management and communication are the backbone to a successful BUNKER project.
The following page will step you through the “custom” BUNKER design process, the benefits and where we go from here.


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