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The world of BUNKER engineering has been around for centuries.  Facilities for keeping individuals, military personnel and communities protected and safe have been a part of the preparation of society for years.  Within the past decade we have witnessed a resurgent in preparedness and survival tactics that has brought the BUNKER awareness to the forefront of modern society.  This development has carried with it both a positive and a negative climate.  The positive aspect is bringing to light the importance of becoming better prepared for natural and man-made disasters.  The negative aspect is the fact that MANY companies are jumping on the band wagon as “experts” in the field of BUNKER design with little or no experience.NYB1-C-web

It is critical that your selection of a BUNKER engineering firm is based upon past history of successful projects that are established upon sound engineering principles.  There are many firms claiming experience and expertise in this area but have little or no experience in this level of BUNKER design.  Our group has had the challenging opportunity of being hired by clients who have had to learn the hard way about why it is critical to hire an experienced engineering firm to design these types of facilities. We have been contracted on many occasions to fix a failed BUNKER design due to the owner hiring a firm with no experience.  In the following pages we will bring to your attention what is important in the BUNKER design environment and hopefully give sound council that will aide you in your BUNKER design team selection.


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